Back up your MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases into the cloud, NAS or FTP storage

Supporting local and remote NAS and FTP servers as well as public and private cloud services, ADVSoft SQL Backup offers an easy solution for maintaining an up-to-date copy of your database in the cloud. Cloud backups provide an additional layer of safety to your network infrastructure. Your security is ensured with AES encryption. The tool saves your traffic and the limited cloud storage space by employing 7-Zip compression. Comprehensive journaling capabilities and ongoing job management make ADVSoft SQL Backup perfect for network administrators and IT specialists.

SQL servers

ADVSoft SQL Backup is designed to work with in-house and hosted MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Hosted MySQL databases are accessed via phpMyAdmin, TCP/IP or SSH. ADVSoft SQL Backup can concurrently back up multiple databases, and comes with full journaling and task management.


Back up SQL databases to local or remote NAS or FTP servers, or use one of the many cloud service providers as an additional safety layer. ADVSoft SQL Backup supports all major public cloud services including, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. You can use multiple cloud services to maximize available storage allotments.


Don’t trust public cloud services? ADVSoft SQL Backup offers transparent AES encryption to secure your data. Still don’t trust the public infrastructure? Back up to your own Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3 instance! Short on cloud storage space or have limited bandwidth? ADVSoft SQL Backup supports on-the-fly compression with 7Zip.

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