ADVSoft SQL Backup is good for migrating databases between servers. We used the tool for moving a bunch of databases from one PC to another. It took less than an hour to migrate the five MySQL databases we ran at our server into an S3 instance.

Brady Marshall

This is the first cloud backup that’s actually usable. Not only you get to back up to any cloud (and not just Microsoft Azure), but it doesn’t take a university degree to configure it to your liking. We’ve been ADVSoft SQL Backup for the last two months, and so fat it’s been quick and reliable.

Chase Summers

ADVSoft SQL Backup can backup SQL databases over LAN and WAN at the same time. It zips and encrypts data on the fly, and uses secure SSL connection to backup. An easy tool for taking care of routine backup tasks. There is nothing not to like about it!

Chris Piterson

MSSQL Server already comes with a cloud backup tool. However, you can only use it with Microsoft Azure. Since Azure is not what our company is using, we needed a third-party tool to back up our MSSQL database into a corporate Dropbox account. ADVSoft SQL Backup worked like a charm.

John Woods

It’s fast! Backups run smoothly, uploads at maximum speed permitted by the cloud. We get about 50 MB/s to a local NAS, but only about 1-3 MB/s to Dropbox. Our database is about 500 MB. It takes less than a minute to Dropbox, and only a few seconds for NAS backup.

Sergey Demidov