The new tool enables administrators to back up local and hosted databases onto NAS and FTP servers or use one or several public cloud services.

The initial release of ADVSoft SQL Backup supports three popular cloud storage services including, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Personal and corporate accounts are supported. Support for additional cloud services will be coming in the next release.

ADVSoft SQL Backup is a must-have tool for database administrators, offering the convenience and security of cloud backups without associated maintenance costs. Supporting both MySQL (via phpMyAdmin and SSH) and Microsoft SQL Server databases, ADVSoft SQL Backup can backup and restore databases hosted on internal and remote servers. You have the option for your data to be transferred over encrypted communication protocol. Comprehensive scheduling options are available, allowing to maintain multiple backup schedules and enabling backups into several different cloud services. ADVSoft SQL Backup includes comprehensive logging and journaling with convenient built-in log viewer.

Local and cloud backups each have their own advantages. ADVSoft SQL Backup allows combining backup destinations to create a truly reliable scheme that will help recover databases regardless of the type of a failure. The convenience and speed of local backups is combined with robustness and security of cloud copies. Stored off premises, cloud backups can outlive incidents affecting your local infrastructure, offering improved failure response.

An evaluation version of ADVSoft SQL Backup is available free of charge for 30 days.