ADVSoft updates ADVSoft SQL Backup, a solution for database administrators allowing to back up the content of MySQL and Microsoft® SQL databases to a wide range of cloud services. The new release adds support for Microsoft® OneDrive, and enables database backup to private cloud instances on Amazon S3 and Microsoft® Azure. In addition, the updated version of ADVSoft SQL Backup implements transparent 7zip compression and on-the-fly AES encryption for improved security and reduced bandwidth.

The second release of ADVSoft SQL Backup supports the following public cloud destinations:, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. New in this release is support for private virtual servers provided by Amazon (S3) and Microsoft (Azure). The use of virtual instances as backup destinations can significantly increase security while providing more storage space than offered by public cloud services.

Speaking of storage space, ADVSoft SQL Backup can now compress information being transmitted with state of the art 7zip algorithm. Since database content is highly compressible, the use of 7zip allows saving substantial amounts of bandwidth while significantly reducing the time required to transfer multiple gigabytes of data over a network. The data is being compressed on-the-fly, allowing to better utilize the limited storage allotments of public cloud services.

Among the feedback received after the initial release, the most frequent request was added security. We listened to your feedback, and implemented transparent AES encryption of your data. With AES encryption in place, you can now safely use public cloud services without having to worry about privacy and security issues. Thanks to the real-time, on-the-fly encryption your data never leaves your corporate premises unprotected, and remains fully and securely encrypted during the transfer and while being stored.