Founded in 1998, ADVSoft is a leader in Internet access analysis and management software. The company’s team of researchers and developers create innovation in the area of Internet connectivity. ADVSoft products target small and mid-size businesses, delivering top notch performance and usability one can rarely find in tools aimed at the corporate market.

The company's flagship product, ProxyInspector, offers businesses insight into their local area network. The product delivers the complete solution for analyzing Internet usage within the organization, and comes with comprehensive reporting capabilities. ADVSoft MailDetective puts an important safeguard to protect sensitive information sent or received via corporate mail servers. ADVSoft SQL Backup redefines database backups, allowing to back up MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases into a wide range of public and private cloud services.

Historically, ADVSoft was founded by the developers of ReportMagic for WinGate. The team used their experience to expand the company’s portfolio. The company’s products are widely used by businesses all over the world. ADVSoft developers are constantly working on improving the products while taking up on the new original projects. We strive to make all our products as user-friendly, simple and functional as possible.

ADVSoft is constantly growing and expanding its business. We are always looking for partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships. We strive to deliver products that can provide you with a competitive advantage!